Special Thread Mills

Thread Mills for Multiple Spindle

Screw Machine Threading Attachments

(from Gaylee Saws)

GL thread mill 1             GL thread mill 2

For years, you have known Gaylee Saws as a premier manufacturer of high quality, carbide and carbide-tipped circular thin saws.

In our continuing effort to help customers trim manufacturing production costs through tooling designed to achieve optimal performance, we are excited to introduce Gaylee thread mills for multiple spindle screw machine threading attachments.

These carbide thread mills are used with threading attachments on your automatic screw machine with direct drive technology from the main housing. This allows the spindle and threading attachment to maintain a 1:1 RPM ratio. By utilizing an easy to install cross-slide mounted threading attachment, you can thread mill parts with incredible accuracy and versatility.

The flexibility and speed of multi-spindle automatics has made them the original ‘multi-tasking’ machine tool. And with high performance carbide thread mills from Gaylee Saws, the thread milling function of these multi-spindle automatics is further enhanced with increased throughput and improved thread quality.

In a recent application, an 82-tooth Gaylee thread mill (shown above), cutting external threads on a steel shaft for an appliance manufacturer, yielded an incredible 76,000 threaded parts before a tooling change was needed.

Gaylee thread milling cutters can be designed for single or double threaded components, as well as for deep threaded parts requiring Acme threads. Varying thread forms and pitches are available. Contact Gaylee Saws for additional information.