Our Staff

  • Curt Lansbery
    Curt Lansbery
    President & C.E.O.

    Curt joined North American Tool Corporation in 1988, and played a major role in the purchase of Gaylee in 1994. He was elected Vice President of North American Tool in April 1989; Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in April 1991; Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in April 1995; Executive Vice President in 1998; and was elected President and Chief Executive Officer of the company in April 2005. He has been involved in strategic planning in respect to lean manufacturing, streamlining of internal procedures, and organizational effectiveness. Curt has developed and implemented successful leadership training processes and human performance initiatives. Prior to joining the company, Curt was a successful business owner in Beloit, WI. He graduated from the University of Nebraska-Omaha, majoring in Sociology.

  • Don Muir
    Don Muir
    General Manager

    Don is a veteran in the field of cutting tools and industrial circular saws, with decades of sawing applications experience. Don is the General Manager at Gaylee Saws, and wears many hats, pitching in with customer service as well as shop floor duties when the need arises. His previous experience in Customer Service, as a machinist and a tool maker makes Don an integral part of the Gaylee Saws team. His ability to listen and react to customer needs are a result of Don’s broad experience. Don has extensive training in CAD/CAM systems such as QuickCAD, Master CAM, and G-Code. As General Manager at Gaylee Saws, Don steers his leadership skills to a daily commitment of providing outstanding customer service, quality tools, and on-time shipments.

  • Mike Jensen
    Mike Jensen
    Customer Service/Technical Support Associate

    With decades of experience at Gaylee Saws, Mike brings excellent customer service and technical skills to distributors and end user customers alike. Mike has had previous shop floor machining experience which is invaluable when addressing customer needs and requirements. Mike’s commitment to service and quality is a true asset to Gaylee. Over the years, Mike has earned the trust and confidence of Gaylee Saws customers through professionalism and technical knowledge. His vast experience in sawing applications has assisted innumerable Gaylee Saws customers.